Building an extraordinary brand takes nothing less than total dedication. Our on-going research indicates that discerning travelers are seeking genuine and transformative experiences that will provide them with deeper connections to themselves and the world around them. In order for a significant emotional experience to occur at the consumer level, all senses must be taken into account and uncompromising levels of service and execution must be delivered on a consistent basis at all touch points of the experience. Brands are at the very heart and soul of the consumer experience. Emotionally based, brand loyalty is love and respect for a product/service beyond reason.

Allow us to introduce you to one of our concepts. The development of such a concept is the ability to make a vision come to life. Schnallinger has developed a unique and inspiring restaurant brand that captures the zeitgeist of today’s food consciousness and melds design, art and culture with the finest ingredients, recipes and flavors of Japanese and Thai cuisines, two distinct Asian cuisines. This concept is called MAXX & MING® and is based on a harmonious blending of cultures and experiences.

MAXX & MING® will provide diners with an “Asian Revelation”. Its cuisine is based on an eclectic sample of Japan’s and Thailand’s most incredible foods and traditional recipes evolved with a French touch into a completely unique synthesis that is always innovative and surprising, an unprecedented delight for discerning western palates. This refined selection of great cuisines will be presented in the simple, intimate, and spontaneous atmosphere of a sensual Japanese restaurant, café and bar. The final key to our profitable success will be that all of this will be delivered by an enlightened service culture that is dedicated and meticulously trained at our flagship restaurant to bring forth the best of Eastern and Western traditions. This results in an enchanting and unique dining experience, a celebration of food and service that will be difficult to competitively mimic.

Schnallinger has devised a financial and strategic plan that it believes will develop MAXX & MING® into a highly respected, desired, and profitable global brand. We have conducted consumer research and economic analysis that supports our goals of the flagship restaurant being successful. This concept can be fine-tuned for the high-end, mid-price and popular price points to fulfill any market need. We have assembled an outstanding, experienced team of industry leaders and world-class chefs to develop and implement the MAXX & MING® brand, management philosophy and business plan to ensure its authentic replication globally.

More information is available upon request.