In today’s tough market, the culture of an organization provides the necessary competitive edge for financial success. Although many would agree with that statement, few have the know-how to develop a strong culture; even fewer can sustain one. Schnallinger has a long history of building sustainable cultures focused on service and profit. Our knowledge and experience enable us to create well-defined values: vision, mission, service standards and business objectives. These values keep the organization on target and strategically aligned. But defining the values of the organization isn’t enough. It is the skillful use of our five key processes: selection, orientation, training, leadership accountability and measurement that enable workforces to provide the consistent delivery of exceptional service. That means that no matter where you are in our global roll-out, each guest will have the same delightful experience.  We build systems and processes around specific philosophical values and business objectives that enable staff members to see beyond the function of a job and to its purpose resulting in consistent top performance. With organizational alignment and on-going training we will ensure that the culture is sustainable over time.

Uncompromising levels of quality and service are exactly that – uncompromising. Properly selected, oriented and trained staff remain engaged and dedicated to the values and goals of the organization. Thus, this unique combination of culinary expertise, delivered in a distinctively designed environment by an engaged and enlightened staff results in the fulfillment of the needs of all stakeholders. It is the culture in fact, that drives the brand. It is the culture that ensures both staff and guest loyalty. It is the culture of the organization that will be the distinguishing factor that drives profitability.