This turnkey food and beverage function is designed to enhance hotel food services operational efficiencies and profitability while serving as a model for exemplary service culture practices and principles that may be extended to the hotel operation at large. It is both a process and product, designed to help hotels envision exemplary dining experiences. We are able to enhance their guest experiences while aligning with their brand images and transforming their hotel restaurants into thriving one of a kind destinations. By doing so, we are sure to capture the imaginations of discerning customers and investors alike.

We bring a vision of providing both the structure and the economic model that would create a new, more contemporary prototype for the next-generation branded hotel and restaurant.

Traditional hotel design philosophy with respect to its signature restaurant was generally centered on extending the aggrandized often intimidating vocabulary of the public area of the hotel to its restaurant with the intention of recreating old-world sophistication and culinary traditions, extending the hotels own glamorized now passé culture and thereby unwittingly denying the outlet of its own individual soul and brand appeal.

With lifestyles changing at a dramatic pace, and a new generation of consumers coming to the forefront, with a completely different view of the world, this philosophy and practice has been on a steep decline, with consumers basically abandoning participation seeking instead a seamless culture of relaxed cool vibe, a sense of fun, attracting the socially engaged, looking for a great time featuring fantastic food at reasonable prices.

Numerous hotel owners and their asset managers finding themselves financially challenged are now negotiating with hotel management companies to close or revamp these restaurants. Hotels have at times showcased celebrity chefs to gain notoriety through name on brand association but these arrangements have been more  window-dressing then authentic chef driven restaurants. The absentee globally travelling celebrity chefs being little more than consultants or franchisors; all the while, these restaurants lack the energy, the care and the passion that can only be secured through the authentic dedication provided through ownership. In its stead hotels continue to offer a traditional manner of service and food that lacks the brilliance of a whole new style of service and cuisine coming alive today.

Consequently many of today’s hotel restaurants have simply lost their relevance. Suddenly and shockingly, the fundamental tenets of what has been the norm are under assault. Old cuisine is perceived as puritanical and minimalist, while the young chefs of today see their food as sensual and see themselves as maximalists. Thus, there is a burning need to adopt new models of partnership to create the paradigm shift necessary to lead the industry in a new direction.

Enter Destination Restaurants. They are the most obvious choice for a branded hotel company to extend itself by creating symbolic relationships with consumers, providing a new identity, and contributing to the brand’s and the city’s growing reputation as an innovative food and travel hotspot. Part of the strategy might be to bypass the standard cities such as New York and Paris in order to target such locations as Dubai, Budapest, Bangkok, Istanbul, Kiev, Prague, and Mumbai – up-and-coming international capitals in which hotel growth is strong and citizens are hungry for new brands.

By recasting past traditions, revamping outlets top-to-bottom, and creating the necessary framework, these hotel restaurants can become the most sophisticated, stylish, and glamorous hotspot in any city – long on seasonal ingredients and short on pretense, with prices that are affordable. It is a combination that will attract out-of-town and local guests alike on a regular basis, building a level of brand loyalty to outdistance the competition significantly. They will offer a spot-on mix of vintage charm, second-to-none guest service, and leading-edge global cuisines from molecular gastronomy to haute British pub to create timeless restaurants with their own personality. The restaurant within a hotel without its own brand and chef personality has no place in this vision- it is one that creates a singular, memorable image in the minds of its patrons.

Over the past few years, we have leveraged our high-end culinary knowledge to transform today’s aspirational lifestyle choices to energize the next-generation consumer by reinventing legendary food traditions. The result is avant-garde, compelling, and trendsetting lifestyle restaurants, either freestanding or for hotels. To magnify this concept, we brought together a diverse range of brilliant, successful, and committed thinkers, branding gurus and artisans, experimental psychologists, cognitive scientists, celebrity chefs and script writers demystifying high-end food art, culture and environment by creating more accessibility, openness, and popularity. We have defined these concepts as Best Global Brands for the next-generation consumer focused in the business’ strategic aim as independent, valuable assets.

Considering  partnering initiatives to create new state of the art restaurants to yield collaboration premiums has already becoming the norm.  In light of growing focus on customer needs, the definition of what is inside a company and what is outside are no longer clear. But as our sense of firm boundaries evolves, so will our understanding of how best to breach internal and external barriers.
We have first hand knowledge of some of the world's most exciting and compelling restaurant concepts in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, New York, Bangkok, Tokyo and Shanghai. This has led to ideas for introducing trendy new world-class restaurants to a younger generation of consumers that would respond to the heightened desire for authenticity and emotion – and would take advantage of a re-envisioned partnership model and financial plan.

Because well-defined brand values, a clear vision, mission, and high service standards that are tied to business objectives keep the organization on target and strategically aligned, we have a long track record of driving profit based on just this type of dynamic culture. We know how to strengthen brands and gain market share, maximizing operating performance across different portfolios.